Growing out of Santa?

Its getting close to the point where our oldest will learn the truth about Santa and Christmas magic. I want to tell him this year, after Christmas, but my husband thinks we should wait. When is the right time to abandon those childhood fantasies?

The reason I want to end the whole Santa mess is because I feel like Alex has developed an attitude of entitlement. When he sat down to write his letter to Santa this year, he started it “Dear Santa, I want…” Something about this whole process really got me fuming. Our family has tried to instill an attitude of gratitude approach to life in general, so to see those words on that paper in his squiggly 3rd grade handwriting really ticked me off. I tried to lead him through a revision of his letter, but it turned into a dictation session, and at the end, the Santa letter was written primarily by yours truely.

I feel like next year should be about sharing the magic with others. With Alex having a little sister, it’s important for him to let her live the Christmas magic. That’s why my husband and I talked about letting him participate in being “Santa” for her. We also talked about making Christmas more about doing charitable acts for others. But my dear husband thinks that we should keep the Santa secret at least one more year, and just not emphasize so much on what the kid wants from Santa. So, will the Santa saga continue through Alex’s 10th year? I’m on the fence.


At what age should children be told the truth about Santa? Is it conditional? What things could I do diffrently to steer clear of the entitlement, greed, and commercialization that sometimes surround the holiday season?


God Spoke to Me Through Meghan Trainor Today

So, I know this is old news, but it made it into my Facebook feed today again. It’s the blog regarding  the dissection of Meghan Trainor’s song All About That Bass and how it degrades skinny girls and condones hate and discrimination. It also brings up Meghan’s less than tasteful comment to press about not having enough guts to be anorexic.

I am not a fan of Meghan, but the nit-picking of the star has been nagging at me for over a year. I feel like God is showing me this post again today as a call to action.

Remember the sermon on the mount? Where Jesus emplores us to stop being hypocritical. He said stop pointing out the “speck” in our brothers eye until we address the plank in our own eye. (Paraphrased).

I feel like society has become obsessed with pointing out prominent people’s problems and picking them apart. I feel society somehow projects perfection onto these individuals who are in the “limelight”. We somehow forget that these individuals are still imperfect humans. Every person has opinions, and sometimes ignorance. None of us are perfect.

This Meghan Trainor thing just reminded me that I need to re-examine my imperfections and let off of other people. I implore my readers to remember that even super stars are humans who make bad choices, and questionable or controversial stands. They are not to be judged by us. They do not need to be hated by us. They answer to God and God alone. Just like you and me. Maybe we should just lay off a bit.


The other day, I came home to a particularly ornery husband. He was giving me crap about housework, and making him sandwiches, and getting him beer etc. This is typical hubby behavior and I usually roll my eyes and laugh along with him, because I know he does genuinely love and appreciate me. That’s why his next comment seemed way out of left (well probably right) field.

He says: “woman we’re getting a divorce.” Just like that. I, of course, gave him a shocked look and my face probably lost all color. He had to be joking. He’s such a turd.

The man was only slightly serious, and I might add that there is a reason to his madness that is probably understandable.

He had some extra time on his day off to read some internet garbage about how a single mother of two children was making more money being unemployed than what she was making working and paying for daycare. Of course, then he decided to analyze our financial situation and come up with a grand scheme to take advantage of our nation’s broken governmental assistance program.

Here it goes: We’re to get a divorce. I’m to get custody of the kids, and he’s going to sign over the house that we purchased last year into my name.He would change his address to his mom’s house, and then we wouldn’t be legally “cohabiting”.  I’m supposed to quit my job in order to take care of the kiddos, and apply for assistance to go to school full time. Of course, all the while we will still maintain our relationship as a couple, just not legally recognized as a married couple.

With these things in place, I stand to make roughly 40 grand annually  (fully funded by our lovely government) to supplement my husband’s (I mean baby daddy’s) income. God Bless America, that’s why our system is broken. If Americans know they can get something for free, and are smart enough, (or lazy enough) to do so, then our hard working citizens are paying for the lazy man’s delight.

I chuckled at my man’s scheme, but with a sigh, and a shake of my head, I can see the truth, and fear that others have acted on this very same plan. Where have the good days gone, when you worked for what you earned, and you were never entitled to anything? What do my children have to look forward to in this crazy future that will be their life? I refuse to raise my children to expect anything more than what they rightfully earn through hard work and dedication. I fear this mindset is a dieing breed though.

I’m not divorcing my husband any time soon. We agreed to those vows, and he’s stuck to me legally and spiritually. But he opened my eyes to the twisted society we are currently living in.

Life at work

I love my job. Ever since having Livie though, it’s been so hard to get motivated to work. The first time I left her with grandma I felt so guilty. I expected it to get better over time, but it still sucks!

My job is so awesome though. Maybe it’s my history of hard work and dedication that has earned me their respect, but they have been so understanding and supportive through my pregnancy and post pregnancy time.

Next week, they have agreed to let me work part time!!! I will only be working 2 ten hour shifts a week and an additional shift every other week! That means I will always have four (sometimes five) day weekends! This is going to be so awesome! I can be a mom now and still do the job that I love. 

Do you have a great boss? An understanding workplace? Let’s all give our employers a high five for supporting their staff!

Hello again

It’s been a while…hello again! I was encouraged by a friend to pick up the blog again. It turns out that reflecting on your day is great therapy and helps with stress! Look what I’ve been up to?! 

 Olivia Aaryn was born 4 days after Alex’s 8th birthday. We’ve been pretty busy lately! 

 Its time to get back into the swing of things now, and I can’t wait to share, inspire, vent, and reflect here with you at Musings!

Posted Bail

Last night was a tough one. I experienced what every parent of teenagers dreads. Waiting up for their prodigal child to return from their galivant.

You might be wondering what teenager I’m referring to. Yes I am a mother of only one child (who hapens to be only seven) but I’m also mother to two four year old cats (teenagers in my honest opinion). 


The tough night started at 5:30 when we opened the front door to leave on an errand. Betsy, my most adventurous (if not slightly cursed) kitty slipped past us. Naturally I swooped down to catch her and she expertly leaped through my arms into the great outdoors. FINE! I cursed at her and we loaded up and drove to the store as she pranced proudly around the front lawn. I allowed her the freedom to revel in the twilight until our return.

It was completely dark when we came home, and Betsy was no where in sight. I didn’t care, she always returned (with a little coaxing) before bed anyway. I went on with the evening preperations: reading stories, showering, tooth brushing, prayers for the little one, and was just settling in myself when I remembered that little brat was still outside. I expected her to be on the porch when I opened the door, but she wasn’t. Nor was she two hours later, or two hours after that.

Thus the night went, (and into the moring) until 6:40am when we had to leave. I was distraught and near tears as I dropped my son off at grandma’s and drove to work. I was at the brink of crying most of the morning thinking that she was dead in a ditch. As I called the pound over and over again I started planning out “missing kitty” posters, and began preparing myself for the fact that she may just be gone forever.

I had to pause and pray several times, and honestly felt like a fool to be blubbering on about a cat. It was around 10 when my husband texted stating that the pound had Betsy in custody! It seems as though our kitty had been micro-chipped at some point, and was even registered correctly to us (thank you PetCo)! So it turned out that we had one live teenage hellion to post bail for, and over 16 hours of heart ache resolved.

What a wonderful reminder of Luke 15: 11-32 the tale of the Prodigal Son. And in turn a wonderful reminder of trusting in the Lord to care and provide according to his plan. My attention is drawn to the fact that faith has evolved over the years. my first thoughts last night and this morning were to pray. I was reminded various times through prayer that He cares for us down to the smallest things, even when we’re heart broken over a pet!

saved by grace ransomed from prison 2/10/15

Saved by grace.  Ransomed from prison 2/10/15

Today, my lesson was to stop worrying. To stop trying to control things. Matthew 6: 26 says:

For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? 26“Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they? 27“And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life?…

You know you can’t fix everything that happens to you during a day, sometimes things slip through your arms like my cat did. If I had any faith, I would have sighed, closed my eyes and let God do his thing. As it is, I fretted, lost sleep and thought only the worst. In the end  it all panned out for the best (not at all like I predicted, of course). Please remember He is so much bigger than you know. Let it go at that!

Less of Me

So I was convicted by the sermon today. I love when church speaks directly to you! Today we learned about the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6. It’s nothing new to me or any Christian, but to tear it apart, down to every word and it’s intention, it is very convicting.

New goal: Stop trying to be in charge of every aspect of this life! “May your kingdom come” means YOUR dominion not mine. “Your will be done” means I submit to what YOUR plan is for my life wholly.

Is He speaking to you?

Pray like this:

Our Father in Heaven, may your name be kept holy. May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. –Matthew 6 9-10 NLT


While thinking about God’s kingdom, and my servanthood, I came across some lovely poetry at arise to the east and felt the urge to share it with you!