A Million Ways

They say that it’s a sign of greatness. They say it’s a hallmark of the driven individual. I say it’s insanity.

I’ve been going in a million different ways lately. Work, home, volunteer world, and hobby. Its all starting to blur together. I have been simultaneously managing social media and marketing for my work, volunteer committee, and my side business for a few months now. Its a full time job, but I’m getting it done (I think). I don’t know anything about marketing (except what I’ve learned on youtube).

Oh, did I mention that I still work 40 hrs a week, mother two kids, create items for my etsy shop, volunteer for the American Optometric Association, and sometimes do the dishes and clean bathrooms at home 🤔.

Sigh, on a lighter note, we bought a robot vacuum! His name is Jarvis. The downfall of a robot vacuum? You have to keep the floor clean enough to be able to vaccuum. Its a work in progress.

Do you stretch yourself amazingly thin? Do you agree to do too much?

Take time to remember the important things. Learn that it’s okay to say no sometimes. Maybe it is a sign of success, pure genius, or just plain insanity, but do what you love, and don’t lose sight of WHY you do it. Remember to slow down enough to keep your loved ones close, and to reflect on the important things.


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