This week is all about appreciation in my profession. It’s Paraoptometric appreciation week 💓. we’ve received a beautiful bouquet and cookies! It is nice to be appreciated. Small acts of appreciation go a long way in the professional world as well as in the personal one. I’m coming down from the high of anniversary week now also.

It’s so important to cultivate and keep relationships close. I am learning that nights out, and grown-up time aren’t indulgences but key moments to enrich a relationship.

So many times in my own life the bustle of everyday routines takes over. I get consumed by soccer, boy scouts, Sunday dinner, grocery shopping and bedtime routines and forget to stop and be with my family. Isn’t it funny how all of the above things are done for family, but also detract from them simultaneously? It’s true though. We must take a time out to just be. To listen to your spouse’s day. To talk to your son about the meaning of honor. To snuggle your toddler and read her a book. Because none of those crazy busy things would exist if you didn’t have relationships.

What little things do you do to connect with your loved ones?

This blogger has some great tips on communicating with your spouse.

And how’s this for perspective raising children in this day and age.


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