I have a sluggish thyroid my doctor says. He put me on the most popularly prescribed medicen in the United States: levothyroxine. I started taking it in February. At my 6 week blood draw my THE was back in the “normal” range so I’m good right? 

By conventional medicine standards I’m good. I should just leave it at that right? “Take a pill everyday to replace your interactive thyroid hormones. Some day we may need to up your dose but you’re good for now Mrs. Phoenix.” 


If I didn’t know better I would take that diagnosis as gospel, but I am a medical professional. When I find out about a problem I start researching. And low and behold there is more, so much more to my diagnosis than just taking a pill. It turns out that I likely have hashimotos thyroiditis. It’s an autoimmune disease that 95% of all hypothyroid patients end up with. Autoimmune diseases kill your body slowly over time. And they are usually caused by external factors. 

I know I can control what I expose my body to, so I am confident I can get to the roof of this illness. I’ve discovered an amazing authority for help pointing myself right, and I’m hoping my readers may be able to use my insights as I work through this journey to improve their quality of life too.

If you are interested in learning more about hashimotos thyroiditis, or graves disease, or hypo/hyperthyroidism, I encourage you to check into the work of Izabella Wentz PharmD FASCP. I’m not being paid to promote her work, and having met her personally, I’ve just invested some time in listening and reading her stuff, and it’s good! 


The thyroid curse 

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