Growing out of Santa?

Its getting close to the point where our oldest will learn the truth about Santa and Christmas magic. I want to tell him this year, after Christmas, but my husband thinks we should wait. When is the right time to abandon those childhood fantasies?

The reason I want to end the whole Santa mess is because I feel like Alex has developed an attitude of entitlement. When he sat down to write his letter to Santa this year, he started it “Dear Santa, I want…” Something about this whole process really got me fuming. Our family has tried to instill an attitude of gratitude approach to life in general, so to see those words on that paper in his squiggly 3rd grade handwriting really ticked me off. I tried to lead him through a revision of his letter, but it turned into a dictation session, and at the end, the Santa letter was written primarily by yours truely.

I feel like next year should be about sharing the magic with others. With Alex having a little sister, it’s important for him to let her live the Christmas magic. That’s why my husband and I talked about letting him participate in being “Santa” for her. We also talked about making Christmas more about doing charitable acts for others. But my dear husband thinks that we should keep the Santa secret at least one more year, and just not emphasize so much on what the kid wants from Santa. So, will the Santa saga continue through Alex’s 10th year? I’m on the fence.


At what age should children be told the truth about Santa? Is it conditional? What things could I do diffrently to steer clear of the entitlement, greed, and commercialization that sometimes surround the holiday season?


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