God Spoke to Me Through Meghan Trainor Today

So, I know this is old news, but it made it into my Facebook feed today again. It’s the blog regarding  the dissection of Meghan Trainor’s song All About That Bass and how it degrades skinny girls and condones hate and discrimination. It also brings up Meghan’s less than tasteful comment to press about not having enough guts to be anorexic.

I am not a fan of Meghan, but the nit-picking of the star has been nagging at me for over a year. I feel like God is showing me this post again today as a call to action.

Remember the sermon on the mount? Where Jesus emplores us to stop being hypocritical. He said stop pointing out the “speck” in our brothers eye until we address the plank in our own eye. (Paraphrased).

I feel like society has become obsessed with pointing out prominent people’s problems and picking them apart. I feel society somehow projects perfection onto these individuals who are in the “limelight”. We somehow forget that these individuals are still imperfect humans. Every person has opinions, and sometimes ignorance. None of us are perfect.

This Meghan Trainor thing just reminded me that I need to re-examine my imperfections and let off of other people. I implore my readers to remember that even super stars are humans who make bad choices, and questionable or controversial stands. They are not to be judged by us. They do not need to be hated by us. They answer to God and God alone. Just like you and me. Maybe we should just lay off a bit.


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