The other day, I came home to a particularly ornery husband. He was giving me crap about housework, and making him sandwiches, and getting him beer etc. This is typical hubby behavior and I usually roll my eyes and laugh along with him, because I know he does genuinely love and appreciate me. That’s why his next comment seemed way out of left (well probably right) field.

He says: “woman we’re getting a divorce.” Just like that. I, of course, gave him a shocked look and my face probably lost all color. He had to be joking. He’s such a turd.

The man was only slightly serious, and I might add that there is a reason to his madness that is probably understandable.

He had some extra time on his day off to read some internet garbage about how a single mother of two children was making more money being unemployed than what she was making working and paying for daycare. Of course, then he decided to analyze our financial situation and come up with a grand scheme to take advantage of our nation’s broken governmental assistance program.

Here it goes: We’re to get a divorce. I’m to get custody of the kids, and he’s going to sign over the house that we purchased last year into my name.He would change his address to his mom’s house, and then we wouldn’t be legally “cohabiting”.  I’m supposed to quit my job in order to take care of the kiddos, and apply for assistance to go to school full time. Of course, all the while we will still maintain our relationship as a couple, just not legally recognized as a married couple.

With these things in place, I stand to make roughly 40 grand annually  (fully funded by our lovely government) to supplement my husband’s (I mean baby daddy’s) income. God Bless America, that’s why our system is broken. If Americans know they can get something for free, and are smart enough, (or lazy enough) to do so, then our hard working citizens are paying for the lazy man’s delight.

I chuckled at my man’s scheme, but with a sigh, and a shake of my head, I can see the truth, and fear that others have acted on this very same plan. Where have the good days gone, when you worked for what you earned, and you were never entitled to anything? What do my children have to look forward to in this crazy future that will be their life? I refuse to raise my children to expect anything more than what they rightfully earn through hard work and dedication. I fear this mindset is a dieing breed though.

I’m not divorcing my husband any time soon. We agreed to those vows, and he’s stuck to me legally and spiritually. But he opened my eyes to the twisted society we are currently living in.


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