Well, last week one of my cats proved his worth. He’s a mouser!!! He caught 2 mice! I knew something was creeping around my house. The cats have been staring down the vents for minutes at a time, and racing around and running into walls like you see in Loony Tunes!  Koniko finally proved that he can successfully do cat things though!

Today, there was a third mouse.The poor thing got maimed by Koniko’s magnificent fangs, and then ended up tossed out into the back yard to fend for itself. It’s not hard to imagine pests in the house. It has been very wet and cold outside for the past month, and I’m guessing the little field mouse family migrated into our garage for warmth. Somehow they made it to the pantry through some unidentified crack. **EEEewww**

In other news, I finished a couple of crochet projects in the past few weeks; five little white sheep and some awesome leggings I adapted from this pattern.


My kiddo just came home from a couple nights at grandma’s house. He vegged out today in observance of “Martin Luther King Day” playing Minecraft, where I guess he’s busy studying YouTube videos on slaying an Ender Dragon.

How are you doing on your goals? I’m right on track with my “exercise more” and “eat less sugar” goals. 🙂 I joined a biggest loser challenge at work. My boss is on my team, and he’s doing well despite the fact that he inhales maple long-johns. I don’t get it.


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