Moving Forward…Well, Moving SOMETIME anyway

Yep, It’s been a year in the making (and will be half a year more probably) but we’re moving!!!! I’m super excited to start over, with a brand new house!!! Of course, now I have to begin the process of packing. I’m so disorganized. Can anyone help? I found this article to be helpful from The article recommends physically handling every item in your house while determining whether is should be packed.

OMG! I can’t even begin to imagine touching everything in our tiny little place. I can’t complain too much, after all, we are very well off in my hubby’s great grandma’s house (literally the size of a gingerbread house). We’ve been staying in the quaint little hovel over the past 5 years for little more than property tax costs. The house has a lot of her things inside and we seem to have added heaps of our own things to the mix too.

I’ve often wondered if the “nosy neighborhood watch” from across the street makes comments when we leave and come back with bags of things from the stores. She probably think we are hoarders because of the amount of “stuff” we drag home! Actualy, looking around me tonight, I’m starting to think we could sign up for that show!


I promise this isn’t my house!!! Just a reference picture, of how out of control I feel about this moving process.

I am, however, very excited to begin the process of building our future and forever home! Especially since I put my finger though the current (1950’s money pit) bathroom wall while cleaning around the tub this weekend. Apparently the hillbilly (great uncle) who re-modeled the bathroom 20 years ago thought he would save some money by installing cement board as a tub surround, and laminate flooring!!! Neither of these “bathroom” finishes are appropriate for splashing young ones if you were wondering! Please, if you feel like DIY’ing your tiny mid-century bathroom DO NOT!!! I repeat DO NOT choose cheap cement board or laminate flooring! Unless you like rotting, swollen particle board aesthetics, and breathing in mold spores! Oh man, I cannot wait until we have a cozy new home, and a housekeeper!!!!

On a lighter note, the Christmas boxes are all packed and ready for the move. AND I packed a box of wine and a wine rack that I know wont be needed in the next 6 months! Score!

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