Goals Begin on Paper

I want to make goals, and I want this year to count. I just don’t know where to start.It’s a new year. Everything is fresh, and there’s a million directions this year could take. Do we drive the events that shape the year? Or do the year’s events drive us? I don’t know about you guys, but my mind is racing in a million directions. I want to make goals, and I want this year to count. I just don’t know where to start.

Goals are a great way to monitor the progress of the year, but so many times we have grand intentions that get pushed to the back burner when life gets hectic. Let’s do something different this year. Take some time to write down some short term goals. put it on a piece of paper so you can physically see it from day to day. Put it in your wallet, or tape it to your wall behind your computer monitor. If you’re of the Y generation, put it in your phone, set a daily reminder so you will look at that goal and work toward the goal. Then put a check mark up next to it when you succeed at it! Add to your list with goals you know you can meet. Then, at the beginning of next year, you’ll be able to praise your success, and earmark your progress.

I’m making my list now. It won’t be grand aspirations, just little things I know I need to do. The number one Goal? Make time for my little guy.

I will spend 20 minutes of uninterrupted time before bed with my little man. I will ask him how his day was. I will share with him stories from my day.

Second goal: We will have family dinner (at the table) every night that we are together as a family. My husband works shift work, so many times we can’t have that time. I intend to take advantage of the time we are together, because I feel like it’s important social practice for my kid.

Are you with me in the new year? Just write it down! Ready? Go!


2 thoughts on “Goals Begin on Paper

  1. I have not yet thought seriously about goals this year. But after reading your article a good place for me to start would be the one already happening ie Moving to new home
    Next general plans:
    1. Crochet projects
    2. Card making projects
    3. Mixed media projects
    4. Vegetable garden projects in new home
    5. Orchard projects in new home
    6. Getting to know new surroundings and town
    At least this is a start and I can elaborate more on each general project.
    I must decide on either notebook or an app to put my goals.
    Thanks for reminding me to be more organised and goal orientated in 2015.
    Happy goal achieving!

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