Too Many Irons In The Fire

As the year comes to an end I exasperatedly look back at all the irons I put in the fire.

1. Career: I took my last certification test for my paraoptometric lisence (November), Joined the American Optometric Association’s paraoptometric board for continuing education (July). Went to Jackson Hole for Wyoming Optometry Meeting (June). Worked my butt off while various co-workers took medical leaves (July-December)

2. Family: Fought with family doctor and local pharmacy to get my child’s medication regulated (January-December). Went on numerous house hunts with a husband who cannot be satisfied (February-December). Settled on building a house in preferred neighborhood (December). Secretly coveted every pregnant person’s life that walked by me, and quietly cried every time someone reveled in their success at achieving said state (July-December).

3. Hobby: Dreamily surf though pages and pages of DIY pins on Pintrest marking them as potential profit on Etsy, all the while letting my store run itself (not successfully I might add). Purchasing yarn and mindlessly heartlessly crafting whatever might come off my crochet hook/knitting needle. (January-December). Driving my husband crazy with the mounting heaps of crafting material on my corner of the couch. (August-December).

As this year comes to an end, I feel less than satisfied with the year in review. I suppose that’s what keeps a person going though doesn’t it? Continuously working to improve, and satisfy our desire to succeed. There’s so much more I could have done (should have done). I will get there right? I just need a bit of organization. A plan or something maybe. Sigh….

Plan: Less career, more family, more patience, less complaining, more loving, less caring about trivial things like work, and appearance, and what other people might think. More fun and family, more pajamas and games, a new house, a growing family (if it’s in God’s great will), and less controlling grasp over things I obviously cannot control.


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