Angry Birds, and Love!

So we survived valentines day! Alex was sooooo super excited all week long. It affected his ability to function in school, he vibrated with excitement! We got lenticular cards and bubble gum suckers, and he wrote every card out for his class mates! I was so excited to see his dedication!

Now that all the hype is over, It’s time to look forward to Easter. Spring is just around the corner! We have the winter doldrums here in the great plains. We’re ready for sunshine, and birds, and blooming trees, and warm enough weather to jump on the trampoline! Our tramp. currently is home to a dozen broken branches from some pretty crazy snow storms.

We started a new medicine regiment today. We added Concerta XR 10mg to the Stratterra 10mg. So far, Alex says he’s feeling pretty good. I’m hoping he doesn’t lose his appetite; his little pint-size body needs to keep growing. How have other parents with children on Concerta dealt with decreased appetite?



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