Loose Ends Abound Today

Do you ever have those weekends where you’re running a million miles an hour, trying to make the most out of every second of your break?

That’s me today! I have so many things I want to do!!!

I need to make my hubby dinner (he’s working overnight, and sleeping as I write). I don’t feel like a successful spouse unless I’ve put together a meal for him to pack for his lunchbox. I had planned to make enchiladas, and made a lovely list of ingredients to pick up from the store. Dear beloved Alex wined and complained after a few stops around town today, so I knew taking him to the store would be a nightmare. Instead I came home, with my grocery list still intact. I dug through the deep freeze for a few minutes and found some round steaks to thaw. I have lots of veggies and rice, so instead of the chicken enchiladas I lacked the ingredients for, we are going Asian stir-fry.

As I prepared the marinade for the meat, I noticed some pretty ugly brown bananas on the counter. Yep, time for banana bread…but what recipe will I use, there’s like a billion on pintrest! I think I settled on this one though: http://culinarycanucks.blogspot.com/2011/06/best-banana-bread.html 

Of course, the kiddo needs some lunch in his tummy now, and I remember that I picked up polymer clay to try my hand at crafting some unique jewelry pieces for my etsy shop. Yeah, at this point I feel like I might be the one with ADHD! The oven just beeped, it’s preheated for the banana bread! I suppose I should go mix that together huh? I microwaved some ravioli for Alex, want some???

here’s a nifty blog I stumbled onto when I was exploring the interwebs for polymer tutorials: http://polymerclayworkshop.com/page/2/



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