Over Reaction?

Okay, I feel like the teacher over reacted a bit to my sons actions at school yesterday. Of course, I’m getting this second hand, from a 6 year old, so I may be under reacting too.

Alex stuck his pencil into the foam math manipulative yesterday. He said another little boy was doing it, so he thought he would too. Sounds like an innocent kindergarten peer pressure type moment right? Should he be punished for the remaining 3 afternoons of activity club for this action? I need your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Over Reaction?

  1. No, he should not. The teacher should explain that his pencil is only used to write on his paper and that they must keep the math manipulatives nice so everyone can use them. He was probably curious to see what would happen which is completely normal. His teacher should validate his curiosity, but still explain the rule. If he does it again, the teacher should make sure he does not have access to the math manipulatives while he has his pencil, until he can earn that right back by appropriately following all classroom rules. Just my thoughts.

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