Our Friday night was disturbed when the internet connection went down in our neighborhood. All of a sudden we were cut off of our binge diet of Heros, and the little guy was cut off of his binge diet of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It wasn’t a big deal really, we just changed gears, I switched from Netflix to cable and all was hunky dory. Naturally, the little guy joined me on the couch and we began to watch Ghost Hunters. He doesn’t like shows that are “black and white only” and so he didn’t last long. 

Next, I hear clatter in the kitchen and Alex is MAKING A PICTURE!!!!! I know most parents would expect this from their children right? It’s pretty normal for a kid to pull out the crayons and get creative. This has N E V E R happened with our kid. He doesn’t have time for such menial tasks! But tonight, he elected to draw and create his own masterpiece. I could have cried! LOOK AT THIS!!!!



It may need translation: I am a boy (or I’m a boy) I like to play marble bast (he meant marble blast)  

I love that he wrote his name and added Phoenix (my new married name). We’ve talked about how my last name changed to match Matthew’s when we got married. He thinks his should too. Yeah!!! Is your heart melted too?!

These small glimmers of success are blowing my mind. To see my child do things I’ve always known he was capable of reassures me that we are doing the right thing with the medication. I’m excited to see him dedicate moments of creative energy at home, because I know it is also happening at school. We will continue in this direction for sure!


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