Smoothies and Donuts

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as the weekend don’t you agree? We’ve been taking it pretty easy this weekend. My birthday is around the corner and I’m not too keen on getting one year older.

My little monkey picked up the plague from a snotty friend at school and hasn’t been feeling the greatest. Sickness, however, has mellowed him out a bit which makes the days so very pleasant! On Thursday his behavior report was refrigerator magnet worthy!!!


I feel sad knowing that his mellowness was because he was getting sick. Or am I downplaying his efforts and being antagonistic? Whatever the case, I’m proudly sporting that behavior report on the fridge. Every time we go in the kitchen we are reminded of this small victory in our battle for kindergarten success!

I made a tasty smoothie this morning with strawberries, bananas and Greek yogurt. I’m hoping it will have mighty immune boosting properties. Alex also wants me to make donuts, so I better get on pintrest and find a quick recipe!


2 thoughts on “Smoothies and Donuts

  1. “Smoothies and Donuts” – *exactly* what my breakfast was this morning! Does the ‘goodness’ of the smoothie balance out the ‘naughtiness’ of the donut? šŸ˜‰ Hope little Alex isn’t too poorly after all.

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