Medicating…A Terrifying Step Forward for Parents

A week ago we started our kiddo on Strattera. It was a very difficult decision to choose medication. We have read thread after thread of side effects, and studies. We are painfully aware that the long term effects of medicating for ADHD are yet to be discovered. I’ve had nightmares of my child turning into a pedophile or drug addict as an adult after medicating. We know others may scrutinize our parenting and say things like: “way to take the easy way out” or “is it easier parenting a zombie?” 


When it comes right down to it, our goal isn’t to make parenting easier. The goal is to provide the best opportunities to succeed. We want our child to be invited to birthday parties, have sleep overs with friends, and not be judged by teachers and support staff. We want him to use his brilliant mind without being hampered by his inability to sit still and slow his motor. If Strattera helps him achieve this future, we will go down that road.



4 thoughts on “Medicating…A Terrifying Step Forward for Parents

  1. Dear Brandi,
    Take it from a mom whose son was diagnosed with ADHD when in kindergarten (27 yrs. ago), I know you have to work HARDER at parenting than others without a child with ADHD. Follow your instincts and the advice of your child’s own doctors. Good job for all your efforts to have a positive impact in the life of your son (and in the lives of others who will visit your blot).

  2. Took me forever to find a “leave a comment” link lol. I never do that… ever. If you need someone to talk to about the Strattera feel free to email me personally. I am or find me on facebook by the email addy (I never use this for actual email though). I take Strattera and my son took it last year. It’s a very difficult drug for children to take, but every child is different. Also, one more thing I’d like to mention is that if your child’s medication is zombifing him after the first month then it’s not the right drug. If you’re doctor doesn’t get that, he/she is not the right doctor. Trust your gut! If I have said it once I’ve said it a million times. God cooked them in that tummy for a reason! Good luck and lots of prayers from TN 🙂

  3. Brandi – I think this is awesome! I can’t imagine how difficult a decision this was for you guys to make….but anything that might help is worth a chance. I think you guys are being really brave, to try any resources available to help Alex succeed. And nothing is set in stone, if this doesn’t work, he can alwasy stop it again. Good luck!!!!!!

  4. Medication can help an is scary for many parents. I would recommend reading Bertin’s book The Family ADHD Solution which puts medication into perspective. Make sure you follow up with the physician prescribing the medication. I would be interested in why the doc chose Strattera?

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