Who I Am and Why I’m Here

I started blogging while I was at home over the summer of 2012. I didn’t have a focus really, I’m not the very focused type. I’m trying again though!

For those who don’t know (and those who do know, please humor me) my name is Brandi, I used to be Brandi England, but I got married this past summer and now I’m Brandi Phoenix **GLOWING**.

Alex, Matthew and ME!!

Alex, Matthew and ME!!

I have a son who is currently a kindergartner. He’s not an easy child. He’s always been a challenge, since the day he was born. Maybe that’s just the way parenting goes, I only have him so there is no basis for comparison.

love this kid!

love this kid!

My dear child struggles so much in school. It’s refreshing to know that it’s not just hard for me at home, but at the same time disheartening that he struggles already in his student career.

Alex is so very smart, but he can’t attend to tasks, gets “stuck” on his interests, often melts down over transitions, struggles with interacting with peers during free time, and is easily overstimulated by his surroundings. I recently found out he has ADHD and a Sensory Processing Disorder.

I’m a mother with an exceptional child, and it is NEVER an easy day. I struggle with my reactive nature as the stinker presses my patience, and I often feel like a failure as a parent. This parenting stuff is not easy, but I love him, and want only the best for him. I am constantly researching and mostly grasping at straws for strategies to understand my kiddos exceptional needs. I hope this blog turns into a community of support for other families like ours.


One thought on “Who I Am and Why I’m Here

  1. Thank you for coming across my blog. I’m always reading the about me pages of followers or people that I follow. It’s usually never an introduction into the type or topic of content I can expect to read as I thumb through the other posts but it helps me understand the heart of the blogger. 1st, congratulations on Mrs. Phoenix. ( cool name! ) I wish you and your family a lifetime of happiness. 2nd, your Matthew is adorable! What a great smile. Although the challenges he faces in school has him struggling in some areas, he is fortunate to have the medical scope of behavioral health aiding him. Can you imagine decades and more ago do children growing up without a diagnosis whose parents were left sorta helpless. I struggled in school early on. I was always way too keen on the sensory of others ( amongst other things) that I sorta preferred to be alone or often fought. It’s not determined wether this was myself projecting or maybe a social disorder as an adult, hard to diagnose. Anyways, I wish you well and hope you keep up the blogging.

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