Truly Freezing!!

Yep, It took a while but winter is finally here! It was 5 degrees this morning when I woke up! That’s -16 with the wind chill! I don’t know how it can snow when it’s this cold, but it is snowing. I woke up exceptionally early this morning too! It wasn’t by my own accord mind you, no, I was rudely awaking by the last dying breath of my furnace! At 3:45 this morning it sounded like a Kawasaki sports bike was driving down the street at full throttle. I was going to be annoyed by it in my grogginess  but then I realized it wasn’t outside, the sound was coming from my basement!  Matthew and I dragged ourselves from the nice warm blankets and trudged down to find out if we could fix the problem.

After flipping switches and looking at blinking lights, my electrician (aka Matthew) told me “I don’t know what to do.” He left for work and I curled up on the couch watching the thermometer drop degree by degree until it was finally 7:30 and my son told me “mom, I had a dream that I was driving a motorcycle, and I woke up and it smelt like stinky tires in my room!” Of course he was referring to the horrible stench of burned furnace parts. 

Finally (after baking a chocolate oatmeal cake with rum glaze just to keep the house warm) it’s 11:34 am and my furnace is back in one piece thanks to a brave HVAC repair man who wasn’t afraid of the weather. It’s now a lovely 16 degrees outside, and 68 degrees in my house! Time to go back to work!


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