Co-ed Softball

You can learn a lot from playing in a co-ed softball league.

1. How hard you are on yourself

2. How old you are

3. How ridiculously chauvinistic men can appear

4. How well you work with others

We are nearing the end of our league now, and our team has yet to win a game. We’re all okay with this status, and actually joke that we’re “undefeated”! It’s very fun to participate in a team event where everyone enjoys the sport.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that I am very hard on myself, and criticize my every error to the point of fearing the next inning! I need to let loose and live a little!

At the beginning of the season, I realized very quickly that these soon to be 30 year old legs just don’t stand up to the powerful sprint I used to be able to push. I’ve nursed a torn quad through the whole season! Finally, now that we have 2 games left, I’m not in pain after my first base hit! Yay for Brandi!

As we played a team tonight for the second time, I couldn’t help but notice the male players stepping in and playing for the female players! For instance, we hit the ball past first, the right fielder grabs the ball, the pitcher stands on the first base bag and catches the ball while the female first base player ducks under his arm! I don’t know, maybe the first base player isn’t confident in catching, but to me it appeared throughout the game that the men didn’t thing the girls were competent enough to play the game.  Personally that would enrage me! I don’t care if I have a chance of missing a throw in, I want to improve my skill, and learn by taking chances! I want to feel that ball nick off of my glove and fumble to the ground to pick it up! That’s what playing ball is about!

Lastly, I’ve learned that team sports are social events! It’s amazing to interact with others, hear their stories, and be a cohesive unit (or in our case a fumbling bumbling messy blob). You quickly learn how to take criticism, help raise up someone struggling, admire efforts, and take a deep breath when things aren’t going as planned. Or you might just chuck your bat against the fence in frustration. It’ all about stepping away from the moment and understanding that perfection is unrealistic.

I will always make time to be a part of a team! Being part of a team gives me perspective in my everyday struggles and helps me remember that I can be part of something bigger! Thanks for that opportunity!




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