Fun’s Over

All of a sudden I have been hit in the face with reality! Summer vacation is over. Where did it go? I got home from vacation tonight to find an envelope from the school district stating that I must got to a meeting tomorrow before the school year starts to kick off my second year as a para-educator. Aww man! All of a sudden I am flashing back to when I was a kiddo and learned that summer break was over!

On top of that, College officially kicked off this week too! Readers, this means there is a potential threat to the amount of blogging I will be capable of exercising. I am taking a myriad of classes that will surely demand the attention I  have been devoting to you few and loyal readers. It is necessary however, and so the show must go on! I must share with you a few fabulous candid shots from my most recent escapade to Bozeman to end things on a happy note!

Isn’t this adorable???

These little ducklings held up traffic for a few minutes on Sunday as momma duck let them exercise some freedom!



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