Canning Commences!

Today is a chilly day for August. The weather is dreary, and the temp is a mild 69 degrees F. The only thing I can think about on days like this is autumn is near! So in the spirit of autumn I got busy!

This is spiced applesauce. Yum! Is your mouth watering yet? Granny smith apples, brown sugar, allspice, clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon. It’s apple pie in a jar!

The two jars featured in the picture are the only 2 pints rescued from the first batch. The rest went straight into my family’s tummy! We can all attest this applesauce beats Motts! I’m making more in the crock pot as I write. Hopefully this batch will yield more pints to save back for those cold winter days.

Tomorrow I’ll be processing crab-apple and chokecherry jelly! Yum! Bring it on August!


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