Balloon Experiments

There’s no doubt my kiddo has a fascination for balloons and other spherical objects. That’s why I’ve been trying to focus our science studies on balloon related experiments.

Today we learned how air pressure creates momentum in a balloon rocket experiment.

For this experiment you need: string, a straw, tape and a balloon.

First you thread the string through the straw.

Then tie each end of the string to create a level run for the balloon.

Feel free to allow your cat to help!

Then blow up your balloon pinching the end to keep the air inside. Tape the balloon to the straw, and slide the straw to the far end of your run.

Release the end, and let the balloon fly!


Alex calls it a balloon roller coaster. Betsy, our cat, thought it was an amazing cat toy just for her.

To tie this extremely fun event back to science, we had a conversation about which way the air would push the balloon. Before taping the balloon to the straw, we practiced blowing up the balloon and releasing it with the end pointing in various positions. It only took one release for Alex to realize that the air exits the balloon from the back and pushes the balloon forward like a rocket.


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