Balloon Fun!

Today after losing a battle with my bike tire, and not being able to go on our morning bike ride, I decided to set up science shop again. I know that Alex was fascinated by the baking soda/vinegar reaction, so I decided to take it to the next level.

I cut up a plastic bottle to use as a funnel.


We stretched a balloon on the end of our home-made funnel and filled the balloon with baking soda.

We filled another water bottle with a few ounces of vinegar and stretched the balloon over the opening. Then Alex tipped the balloon up dumping the soda into the vinegar and voila: the balloon magically filled with air!

The reaction was fascinating for his little mind. We practiced it again and again with different sizes and colors of balloon until we smelled like vinegar!

Have fun! Experiment! Engage your kiddo’s mind. The bonding experience is important, and you’ll be surprised at how cooperative they are for the rest of the day!


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