Don’t Stop Believing!

I survived my mini vacation, without the kiddo. I also learned some interesting things along the way.

I’m sure you’ve already read my post about the dive in which we stayed. Well, the place wasn’t as horrible as I initially thought. Maybe it was because we played so hard that coming to any sort of bed was welcoming.

We went hiking on an “easy” trail and about died! Wow are we out of shape and lame! It was 2 miles into our location and then we had to turn around and come back out. The hike started nice and easy and then the rocks got steep, and the altitude got higher!

This is Cub Lake, the destination of our hike! The view was gorgeous, and totally worth the grueling workout.

I also learned that I have become a cranky old broad since becoming a mommy.

The real reason we took our trip was to see the band Journey at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

 It was a pleasant surprise to learn that our favorite 80’s band was being accompanied by the great Pat Benitar and Loverboy! There were so many people though! I quickly realized that being only 5 ft 3 inches tall was going to be a problem in the general admission area. It was at this point that my cranky nature reared its wild head! First, 7 ft tall white shirt guy stood in front of me grrrr! Then I moved over and had an amazing view! It was amazing until cracked out trailer trash family came to stand in front of me.

Apparently Loverboy was the best band in the world for this family, and the cigarette wielding old man of the group got “lost in the moment” rocking his nasty self right into my personal bubble! At this point I was done! I moved behind Matthew and kicked the guy right in the calf. He wheeled around and looked at Matthew, and I was afraid for a moment that I may have started a fight. He just apologized and went on rocking, shifting his goofy family to the right, out of the way, and out of my life!

Going to this concert showed me that I’m not the carefree kid I used to be. I enjoyed the music, but had a hard time watching the younger ones getting smash-faced. I worried about the drunk people driving home from the concert, and worried that I might be the inadvertent target of their drunk driving. I don’t want to leave my child parent-less, the victim of a drunk driving accident.

Did kids change your outlook on certain guilty pleasures?


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