Dear Readers,

Have you ever been creeped out by a hotel room you’ve rented? I’m not referring a haunted location where you share your room with history. I mean the kind of place where you know instantly at door that the place is no bueno.

You can tell when a hotel room is bad if it smells dirty, the microwave is from the eighties, there are visible footprints in the tub, a
phone hangs by the toilet, your neighboring room has a doorbell (the room adjoining yours!). If you’ve been in this situation, you can probably add to my list.


old microwave

Have you ever blundered your way into one of these rooms? Yup, I’m there.

I’ve been thinking about asking for fresh warm sheets in the hopes that I can rest easier knowing that the bed is clean. I have even thought about hijacking the housecleaning cart for some Clorox to clean the tub myself.

Somebody save me!

Comfort Inningly yours,


P.s. feel free to share your lodging flops!


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