Science Time

Today was one of those days I really needed a boost in the motivation department. Alex was content to play computer learning games, and I wanted to sit on the couch and watch HGTV all day long! It didn’t take long for the mother in me to start nagging at my conscience. I found the strength from within to devote my heart once more to parenting.

“Alex, what would you do if you weren’t playing Zoodles today?” I asked. Without even a moments hesitation the kid replied “Lets do Art-Crafts mom!”

So I broke out the bowls, droppers, and tins and decided we’d work on some science.Image

It was a simple project about chemical reactions. I filled small containers with vinegar,water, baking soda, and flour. To make things more engaging I added a half of a tablet of bath colors to two different tins and let him go wild. He started with the “stinky water” (vinegar) first. Manipulating the medicine dropper was a great way to practice his fine motor skills! Then I encouraged him to add the baking soda! The rest is history! He loved watching the reaction between the soda and acid.

What a great lesson for little ones!!! I was very impressed with the way this project engaged my little spaz! He didn’t even want to stop for lunch! SUCCESS!

Do you have a favorite craft/project to engage your little one(s)?


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