Difficult day

Today Alex was having one of his customary “difficult” days. He spent a lot of time in his room in time out.

This evening, we showed grace and took him to Wendy’s for a frosty. Instantly our son became the 4-year-old that we love and adore!  Enjoying the new-found peace, we went for a drive around town. Ultimately, we ended up at the hospital parking garage. Alex was very confused by our strange ice-cream adventure. “Why are we at the hostipol” he asked with his very smart 4-year-old voice. Matthew didn’t skip a beat with his reply “to get you a shot!” I, of course, decided this game sounded fun and added my two cents, “yeah! You need a bad boy shot, maybe it will fix your attitude!”

The riot then commenced in the back of our SUV. Alex’s screams of protest echoed through the car and out the moon-roof, echoing through the entire parking garage. Matthew parked at the top, got out, and walked around to Alex’s door. The poor little boy had huge crocodile tears in his eyes as he looked around for the nurse that was going to administer the “naughty boy shot” in his little behind.

We are so bad! Alex is probably scarred forever now, but he was a pretty good preschooler tonight during his bedtime routine. Was it the Frosty? Or the trip to the “hostipol” (as he eloquently calls it) that straightened out our little monster?

Am I a horrible parent for joking with my kiddo like that? Do you have a similar story? Lay it on me! I’m itching to hear how others deal with preschool antics!



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