Swimming Lesson Challeneges

For the past two weeks I have been dreading 7:15PM. That’s because I enrolled Alex, my 4 year old, in swimming lessons. Big deal you say?! Swimming lessons are fine and dandy when your child is average, cool, and collected. Alex however, is a bit of a spaz. I mean this in the best sense, of course! I love my kiddo so much! He does have focus issues though, and swimming lessons have proved to be a HUGE challenge!

Keep your hands on the wall. Look at the teacher. Keep your ears open. Keep your head above water. Do as your asked. These are the commands that riddle my world every night from 7:15 to 7:45. Thank goodness it’s only 8 sessions!

The experience of enrolling my child in organized sports and lessons has opened my eyes, and allowed me to be a little less uptight. I’ve learned that I should not expect perfection from my preschooler. I’ve learned that other children suffer with the same challenges that Alex does. I’ve learned that the people who dedicate their time to teaching children have extreme patience. I don’t need to worry, I need to enjoy! I need to take pictures, and revel in the reality that Alex will only be this age once. I need to allow him to be himself!

Do you have a challenging preschooler? What have you learned from extracurricular  exposure?




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