Winter can be fun?!

We went sledding today! This was the first warmish (35 F) winter day with snow on the ground, so I took the little guy to the best sledding hill in town!

It was only cold when the snow found it’s way into my boots, or down my neck. Besides that, the sun was shining and it was above freezing!!! YAY!

I took the kid to the coffee shop afterward, and wouldn’t you know it, he got a Frappe! Crazy kid. Anyway, what have you been up to this weekend? Enjoy! Life is short.


A Million Ways

They say that it’s a sign of greatness. They say it’s a hallmark of the driven individual. I say it’s insanity.

I’ve been going in a million different ways lately. Work, home, volunteer world, and hobby. Its all starting to blur together. I have been simultaneously managing social media and marketing for my work, volunteer committee, and my side business for a few months now. Its a full time job, but I’m getting it done (I think). I don’t know anything about marketing (except what I’ve learned on youtube).

Oh, did I mention that I still work 40 hrs a week, mother two kids, create items for my etsy shop, volunteer for the American Optometric Association, and sometimes do the dishes and clean bathrooms at home 🤔.

Sigh, on a lighter note, we bought a robot vacuum! His name is Jarvis. The downfall of a robot vacuum? You have to keep the floor clean enough to be able to vaccuum. Its a work in progress.

Do you stretch yourself amazingly thin? Do you agree to do too much?

Take time to remember the important things. Learn that it’s okay to say no sometimes. Maybe it is a sign of success, pure genius, or just plain insanity, but do what you love, and don’t lose sight of WHY you do it. Remember to slow down enough to keep your loved ones close, and to reflect on the important things.


This week is all about appreciation in my profession. It’s Paraoptometric appreciation week 💓. we’ve received a beautiful bouquet and cookies! It is nice to be appreciated. Small acts of appreciation go a long way in the professional world as well as in the personal one. I’m coming down from the high of anniversary week now also.

It’s so important to cultivate and keep relationships close. I am learning that nights out, and grown-up time aren’t indulgences but key moments to enrich a relationship.

So many times in my own life the bustle of everyday routines takes over. I get consumed by soccer, boy scouts, Sunday dinner, grocery shopping and bedtime routines and forget to stop and be with my family. Isn’t it funny how all of the above things are done for family, but also detract from them simultaneously? It’s true though. We must take a time out to just be. To listen to your spouse’s day. To talk to your son about the meaning of honor. To snuggle your toddler and read her a book. Because none of those crazy busy things would exist if you didn’t have relationships.

What little things do you do to connect with your loved ones?

This blogger has some great tips on communicating with your spouse.

And how’s this for perspective raising children in this day and age.

Cart Before the Horse

Hi! Remember when I told you I was going to take you on my spiritual adventure to save my broken Thyroid? I think i got my cart before the horse a bit.

Boy howdy was there a lot of education out there!! I did plan on following Isabella ‘s protocol 100%, but after I started, I realized that I actually know my body pretty well. It wasn’t a big crazy secret what was making me sick.

It was my gut! Did I need to read a bunch of books to know that my gut health was causing my adrenal failure? I think so. honestly, if I hadn’t started with the Thyroid secret I would still be living in ignorant, albeit sick, bliss.

Hashimotos protocol said eliminate all trigger foods and go on a highly restrictive diet free of gluten, dairy, nightshade, blah blah blah. It took me a month to realize elimination of dairy was the trick for my body. I always knew dairy didn’t 100% agree with me, but I had no clue that it caused so much infamation and pain, and stress on my body. I learned that I don’t have to go gluten free 100%, but I do have to watch my gluten intake. I can’t have it every meal. The night shades….what the heck is that?! Night shades are vegetables that grow in full sun, evening shade conditions…I think. Bell peppers and tomatoes are the first that come to my mind. These veggies (or fruits) don’t bother me; I still eat them.

I still take my L- Thyroxine every night before bed. Am I healed? Well, I’m better than I was, that’s for sure! I also helps that my little girl has decided to sleep through the night for the most part! Sleep is another key component in fixing stressed out adrenals.

From all of this, I’ve learned to slow down a bit and take care of myself. You should too! Life is so short. Don’t stress about every detail. When work is hard, take a nap at lunch instead of going on that walk, or doing a hundred errands. Take the time to listen to what your body needs. Trust me you will start to feel a little bit better.

I cannot wait till the next blog I share with you!!! I have some great ideas to help with getting your guts in line! Honestly people, the key to a healthy life is all in that tummy! Until next time, let me know what you do to take care of yourselves when life is stressful!

My Body Needs Me!

Life has been hectic these past few months. For a while the boy was doing soccer and baseball simultaneously! We are finally wrapping up baseball (1 more game until “fall ball”).

I have once again put my own needs on the back burner though. I haven’t had time to do my research on hashimotos, and nearly gave up all together on watching gluten and dairy consumption. I have been taking my thyroid medicine, and my doc says my thyroid hormone is “in the normal” again.

I know better though. I still feel run down, have gained 5 lbs (dispite counting calories and increasing my active time), am struggling with inflammation, and still haven’t been able to normalize my monthly menstrual cycle. These are all markers for elevated thyroid antibodies and adrenal stress. As I type this, I know I should be going to bed. It’s 1040 and who knows how long I will have the bed to myself before I have a little toddler vying for some space.

My resolution is to give myself a break. I will not get better until I start putting the focus on my own needs. Maybe I need to take an extra hour off of work for a nap during the week. I know I need to say no to more commitments, and turn off the TV sooner. I think i may higher a cleaning service a few times a month. Somethings gotta give!

I have a sluggish thyroid my doctor says. He put me on the most popularly prescribed medicen in the United States: levothyroxine. I started taking it in February. At my 6 week blood draw my THE was back in the “normal” range so I’m good right? 

By conventional medicine standards I’m good. I should just leave it at that right? “Take a pill everyday to replace your interactive thyroid hormones. Some day we may need to up your dose but you’re good for now Mrs. Phoenix.” 


If I didn’t know better I would take that diagnosis as gospel, but I am a medical professional. When I find out about a problem I start researching. And low and behold there is more, so much more to my diagnosis than just taking a pill. It turns out that I likely have hashimotos thyroiditis. It’s an autoimmune disease that 95% of all hypothyroid patients end up with. Autoimmune diseases kill your body slowly over time. And they are usually caused by external factors. 

I know I can control what I expose my body to, so I am confident I can get to the roof of this illness. I’ve discovered an amazing authority for help pointing myself right, and I’m hoping my readers may be able to use my insights as I work through this journey to improve their quality of life too.

If you are interested in learning more about hashimotos thyroiditis, or graves disease, or hypo/hyperthyroidism, I encourage you to check into the work of Izabella Wentz PharmD FASCP. I’m not being paid to promote her work, and having met her personally, I’ve just invested some time in listening and reading her stuff, and it’s good! 

The thyroid curse 


I won an award. It’s awesome. I deserve it too I think. But I sure have a hard time believing that I am worthy of such an honor.

 I have worked very hard to be successful at my job. I have a passion for everything optometric, and always want to no know more and help more. 

Why is it so hard for me to give myself the honor and respect? To bask in the glory of this great honor? Today, in our company office meeting I was honorably mentioned for the award. Dang it! My reply wasn’t the thank-you speech it should have been. Instead, I discounted everything publicly. I told my peers that I thought I won by default because of lack of participation from other statewide members. 😶

Tonight, while I was showering (the only quiet time of my day) I started to realize how awful that statement sounded. SOMEONE from my office believed in me enough to nominate me for the honor, and others must have concurred. The fact that I loudly discounted their support and love is disrespectful. Foot in mouth as usual 😖.

I then remembered Tim McGraw’s amazing lyrics from Humble and Kind 

When the dreams you’re dreamin’ come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride but
Always stay humble and kind

So of course, the work on myself continues. I need to allow myself to enjoy the pride of accomplishment, and remember how I got there. 

I think I will write a nice thank you card to my work family. I want them to know I love their support and encouragement.

Christmas Train Trip

On the eve of Christmas eve we were blessed with the opportunity to take a family train trip. It was just a short jaunt through the snowy Black Hills, but it was magical. 

we ate Christmas cookies, drank hot chocolate, visited with Santa and Mrs. Claus, and got magic Christmas bells!

we will always remember this fun time. Happy holidays from the Phoenix clan!